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How do I change a blade?

Find our fantastic, easy to follow video here on how to change your Mutiny blade. Just twist the handle anti clockwise until the head of the razor splits apart. Take your old blade out and recycle. Pop the new blade in between the two head pieces and reattach the handle, screwing clockwise until it’s nice and tight. Shave and repeat.

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How do I recycle my used blades?

To recycle your used razor blades, the best way is to either purchase a Mutiny blade bank, or create your own blade bank using,  a metal tin. Place your used blades into the tin, once this tin is full, take it to your local metal recycling centre where you can place it in the sealed container into the metal recycling. You can now also send any Mutiny blades or products back to us at Mutiny HQ where we will ensure that it gets recycled appropriately as part of our Mutiny recycling scheme.

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Where can I get Mutiny products?

Mutiny products are now available worldwide and online. Find a stockist near you or browse our store and order online to get a Mutiny set or product through your letterbox in no time!

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How do I become a Mutiny stockist?

First you have to swear to the Mutiny oath of allegiance. Then you have to pass the Red Beards pirate trial by walking the plank across a shark infested… Actually, just drop us an email at, we can send you the price list and sign you up to our wholesale account where you can order online. It’s really simple.

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