Mutiny Technology

Mutiny 3D Printing & Innovations

Mutiny are continually innovating and pushing the envelope in eco shaving. We are currently working with the fantastic Chepstow based design and innovation company ‘Iterate’ in creating sustainable, ethical 3D printed razors from a number of different source materials. 

Iterate Design

Take a look at the fantastic Iterate case study on our 3D printed, compostable razors


Mutiny are looking towards creating an entirely 3D printed razor that can be printed anywhere in the world, cutting out manufacturing and transport pollution. The Mutiny R1 is under constant development and hopefully will be available soon.

In the meantime we have the amazing Mutiny Hybrid razor where the hand and blade shield are 3D printed in a unique design that is solid, reusable, non slip, recyclable and even compostable as the main source is created from sustainably sourced cornstarch.

Mutiny Hybrid Collection

Take a look at our fantastic, 3D printed Mutiny Hybrid range.