Our packaging!

We now produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic every year, half of which is single use, much of which will end up polluting our planet for generations. Mutiny products are packaged in minimal, eco friendly, recyclable, ethical, colour coded packaging, creating zero waste. The packaging means that our sets & soaps are kept fresher, look funkier, are 100% recyclable and help keep Mutiny Shaving a Carbon Neutral company. Our soaps are packaged in colour coded, candy striped, recyclable paper bags which means packing the soaps is fast and simple. This helps the packaging process to be a lot quicker getting our soaps from their curing trays and into the new candy bag packaging so we are able to keep the soaps fresher and their fragrance a lot stronger throughout. Most importantly, no plastic packaging means no Mutiny packaging will end up polluting our planet for generations.