Mutiny Naked Set


Billions of disposable plastic razors end in landfill every year.

Help us stop this now!

No disposable plastic, no animal cruelty and totally vegan friendly!

Our bare bones, simple, new, ‘Mutiny Naked’ set, is our iconic Mutiny Shaving Set in its most simple, natural, understated, glory. No branding, no packaging. Contains a traditional razor that will last years and give a close, smooth shave without the user suffering from razor burn or ingrowing hairs. It’s better for your skin than disposable razors, better for your bank balance (as replaceable blades are very inexpensive) and better for the environment. You can choose to have either a beautiful ‘Rose Gold’ razor or a cool, stylish ‘chrome’ finished handle. Both exactly the same razor, just different, unique colours. It’s your choice.

The set also contains an unbranded, synthetic shaving brush that helps exfoliate your skin and soften your stubble ready for the shave. No animals were harmed in the making of this simple, squared off, oak handled synthetic shaving brush. The oak sustainably sourced from the Scottish Highlands and finished in its iconic square look.

Also included is our handmade (using the traditional cold process) Bonny’s Revenge’ Aloe Vera shaving soap, specifically created for people with sensitive skin, made entirely from 100% natural ingredients. This soap lathers up and smells beautiful with a beautiful clean scent, the phenomenal soothing ability of aloe vera and kaolin to add a smooth moisturising, cushioned layer to your shave. 100% natural, not tested on animals, no Parabens, no SLS, only natural, ethical ingredients. Each soap is hand cut so may differ slightly in shape.

All sets come with 5 FREE recyclable razor blades to get you started. You’re welcome! Go Naked!

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