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Mutiny Razor – Rose Gold


Our fantastic, unisex, reusable Mutiny, rose gold, three piece safety razor, is the only razor you will ever need. Comes with 5 recyclable blades and a lifetime guarantee.

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Our fantastic, perfectly weighted, metal, reusable razor with a stunning rose gold finish will look fantastic in any bathroom. This razor comes with 5 free blades to get you started and a lifetime guarantee. Replacement blades are available on our website. The Mutiny razor and its blades are totally zero waste, 100% recyclable, kinder to your skin, kinder to your wallet and kinder to your planet!

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How to change a Mutiny blade

Size: H9cm x W4cm x D2.5cm

Materials: Chrome plated metal

Packaging: Small recyclable card box with Paper sticker/eco envelope.