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Mutiny Hybrid – Ocean Waste


Our ‘Ocean Waste’ Hybrid, created from reclaimed, recycled fishing nets is a fusion of a traditional, metal headed, double edged safety razor. With an ultra modern, 3D printed, non slip handle. A ground breaking razor with a 3D printed handle, designed and created here, in the UK.

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This is the stunning, ‘Ocean Waste’ hybrid razor, created from reclaimed, recycled Cornish fishing nets. The unique handle and blade shield is 3D printed using materials made from recycled, rescued fishing nets which are rescued or donated by the Cornish fleets, recycled in Cornwall and printed in Cornwall. It is part of Mutiny’s huge mission to create beautiful, reusable shaving products from reclaimed, recycled, sustainable materials. The large, thick, squared off handle is specifically designed to stand upright in your bathroom. This is for ease of drying and the handle is also non slip, for ease of use in both the shower and bath. The blade shield ensures that the razor and any fingers are kept safe, both in your bathroom and when used on your travels. Designed & created in the UK, the Hybrid uses standard, steel safety blades that are 100% recyclable. The Mutiny Hybrid is designed for a lifetime of use and comes with a lifetime Mutiny ‘fix it’ guarantee, which means you can shave, trouble free for the rest of your life. It is created using only reclaimed, recyclable, sustainable, ethical material and is absolutely, 100%, zero waste.

Lifetime  Mutiny ‘Fix It’ guarantee.

Razor is supplied with 5 safety razor blades and is delivered in 100% recyclable, plastic free packaging.

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How to change a Hybrid blade

Height: 105mm
Width: 45mm
Depth: 30mm

Head: Metal plated
Handle: Recycled Nylon from reclaimed fishing nets (3D printed) Filament from ‘Fishy Filament’ Cornwall.
Blades: Steel

Material: 100% recyclable card/paper
Size: 120mm x 60mm x 35mm


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