What’s in a Mutiny Box?

Our iconic Mutiny Box contains all the simple traditional shaving essentials that you need to get the perfect shave time and time again.

These essentials include a 3 piece double edged safety razor. 5x replacement aluminium razor blades. 1x synthetic bristled, wooden handled shaving brush. 1x handmade, natural vegan friendly shaving soap.  Everything in the box is reusable, recyclable, vegan, animal and eco friendly. We wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t!

Once ordered a Mutiny Box will quickly arrive through your letterbox in a 100% recyclable packaging that can be broken down immediately and thrown into your recycling bin, reused to send someone else a lovely gift, or to package something up you have sold on Ebay. Use it any how, we’re not bothered, just please don’t throw it into landfill!

Over 4 billion plastic disposable razors are thrown to landfill every year and that is why we started Mutiny Shaving. To try to stop people from using plastic disposable, cartridge based razors and use traditional recyclable methods, to help make the world a nicer place.

Its that simple!