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Mutiny R1


Mutiny R1 – UK made from recycled ocean waste. There may be a 14 day wait for the razor whilst they are being printed due to current high demand.

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Fantastic new three piece razor, designed and manufactured here in the UK.  3D printed using the advanced new ‘OrCA’ material from the groundbreaking company ‘Fishy Filaments’, created from salvaged ocean waste, fishing nets and recycled carbon fibre. With a cutting edge wishbone design by UK product design team ‘Iterate’ it really is a beautifully simple, iconic, razor. With a square base to enable upright storage and quick drying, Simple click open and close head for ease of blade change and blade shield to keep your blade covered when not in use or travelling. The Mutiny R1 really is a cutting edge razor that shows the world that Mutiny is the most eco friendly shaving brand on the planet.


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